Table 3 —

Effect of the onset of MA and of BMI on the variability of systolic and diastolic BP, within individuals, estimated using a general factorial linear model with type 3 sum of squares

Systolic BP*
Diastolic BP
Corrected model624.3<0.0012.5<0.001
Onset of MA112.10.00113.1<0.001
Difference between subjects604.0<0.0012.1<0.001
  • Systolic or diastolic BP, entered as an SDS for age and sex, were the dependent variables. Time before or after the onset of MA was a binary variable, and BMI was a covariate (ANCOVA).

  • *

    * For the model R2 = 0.55 (adjusted R2 = 0.42);

  • for the model R2 = 0.40 (adjusted R2 = 0.23);

  • one case was dropped because of insufficient data on BMI.