Table 2 —

Smoking habits and markers of alcohol intake in 6,237 men aged 44–55 years at baseline, listed by cause of death or alive status: the Paris Prospective Study after 23.8 years of follow-up

Cause of deathnSmoking habits
5-Year tobacco intake (g/day)Alcohol intake
Never smoked (%)Ex-smoker (%)≤20 cigarettes per day (%)>20 cigarettes per day (%)Chronic alcohol use (%)Erythrocyte MCV (fl)
Neoplasm-related deaths778915611616.71098.5
 Lip, oral cavity, pharynx40215582520.525100.4
 Digestive organs, peritoneum204
  Colon, rectum, anus67193046410.0096.3
 Respiratory, intrathoracic organs250
  Trachea, bronchus, lungs18649642421.51099.1
 Bone, corrective tissue, skin, breast16
 Genitourinary organs91
 Other and unspecified sites110
  Eye, brain, nervous system22231455913.8996.5
  Secondary and unspecified sites85611671617.81499.1
 Lymphatic, hematopoietic tissue511224531212.3897.1
 Benign neoplasms3
Circulatory deaths5141320561114.1897.9
Other causes of death4471323521213.41198.2
  • Data are means. Each characteristic differed significantly across these causes of death, excepting age.