Table 3 —

Life events during the 12 months before diagnosis in 349 patients with recent- onset autoimmune type 1 diabetes compared with those of 979 age- and sex-matched control subjects according to data from a questionnaire used in the DISS (1992–1993) patient-control study

Question no.OR95% CI
Family and living conditions
 1 You have had more conflicts with your partner0.830.49–1.42
 2 You have had less conflicts with your partner0.50*0.28–0.87
 3 You have had conflicts with your parents0.44*0.26–0.73
 4 A close friend has broken contact with you0.50*0.30–0.85
 5 You have moved to another place0.820.57–1.18
 6 You have changed jobs0.800.55–1.17
 7 Your income has deteriorated0.660.43–1.01
 8 You have had difficulties financing your studies0.800.45–1.44
 9 You have been unemployed for >14 days0.790.52–1.20
Serious illness or injury
10 You have been seriously ill or injured9.45*6.34–14.07
11 You have been hospitalized for >1 week12.17*7.94–18.63
12 One or both of your parents has been seriously ill or injured0.550.30–1.00
13 Someone in your family has been seriously ill or injured1.160.64–2.07
14 Someone in your family has been hospitalized0.950.59–1.51
15 One or both of your parents has died0.600.24–1.49
16 One or both of your grandparents has died0.65*0.44–0.97
17 A close friend of yours has died0.820.45–1.50
18 You have fallen in love0.65*0.47–0.91
19 You have found a new partner1.370.75–2.49
20 You have been pregnant (women)0.880.40–1.93
21 Your partner has been pregnant (men)0.510.24–1.08
22 You have had a baby0.750.48–1.18
23 Your partner has had an abortion0.640.12–3.44
24 You have been divorced or separated0.620.34–1.12
Perceived competence
25 You have experienced a great success/made an extraordinary achievement0.58*0.37–0.90
26 You have failed an important examination0.59*0.35–0.98
  • Analysis of relative risks score calculated as Mantel Haenszel–adjusted ORs and 95% CIs for patients compared with referents.

  • *

    * Significant.