Table 3

β coefficients to predict weight gain from multivariable linear models, after stepwise selection of variables measured at baseline before prescription of insulin, and when including measures at 1 year, both adjusted for the investigational site as a random factor

β coefficient(95% CI)P
Baseline variables only
 A1C, per loge %*4.371(3.365 to 5.377)<0.0001
 BMI, per 10.0 kg/m2−1.198(–1.516 to –0.880)<0.0001
Baseline variables and variables after 1 year
 A1C at baseline, per loge %*3.397(2.379 to 4.414)<0.0001
 Daily insulin dose at baseline, per loge IU/kg0.415(0.062 to 0.768)0.021
 Daily insulin dose at 1 year, per loge IU/kg1.143(0.783 to 1.504)<0.0001
 BMI at baseline, per 10.0 kg/m2−1.121(–1.444 to –0.799)<0.0001
  • *For mmol/mol, the β coefficient is for a loge 10.9 mmol/mol change.