Table 2—

Stepwise regression analyses examining the effect of marital adjustment on psychosocial adaptation

Independent variableNegative affectPositive affectDQOL satisfactionDQOL impactPAIDPCSMCS
Control variables only
 Model R20.22250.06770.27750.19030.1968   0.42910.1180
F4.651.188.32*5.41*5.47*  10.52*1.87
PAIR total
 Model R20.26680.23310.33220.21710.2707NS0.2099
DAS overall
 Model R20.33520.24870.40850.27810.2996NS0.2963
  • Model R2 occurs when the relevant independent variable (either PAIR or DAS) is added to the model. Models for positive and negative affect control for number of health conditions, duration of diabetes, sex, and number of years married. Models for DQOL impact and satisfaction control for number of health conditions, number of years married, and sex. Model for PAID controls for number of health conditions, diabetes type, family history of diabetes, and sex. F test and significance levels are indicated for the change in variance when the index variable is added to the model. NS indicates not significant at the 0.150 level to permit entry into the model.

  • *

    * P ≤ 0.001;

  • P ≤ 0.05.