Table 3—

RH and 95% CI for all-cause and CVD mortality for 1 SD increment in plasma glucose for 3,092 adults aged 30–74 years in NHANES II

All-cause mortality
CVD Mortality
Fasting glucose2-h glucoseFasting glucose2-h glucose
Model 1
 95% CI1.00–1.221.00–1.290.95–1.250.93–1.38
P value β0.020.030.560.61
Model 2
 95% CI0.89–1.230.91–1.330.79–1.320.78–1.46
P value β0.370.590.850.67
  • Model 1, proportional hazards model adjusts for either fasting or 2-h glucose; model 2, proportional hazards model adjusts for fasting and 2-h glucose simultaneously. SD for fasting glucose 1.18 mmol/l and for 2-h glucose 3.18 mmol/l.

  • *

    * Adjusted for age (continuous), sex, race (white, nonwhite), education (<high school, ≥high school), smoking (ever, never), physical activity (low, high), BMI (<25, 25≤ to <27, 27≤ to <30, ≥30 kg/m2), systolic blood pressure, total cholesterol–to–HDL cholesterol ratio (continuous).