Table 2—

Recent European population-based studies of GAD antibody positivity in patients with LADA

Reference numberCountryStudy typeAges (years)Duration (n)Other inclusionsPrevalence
34ItalyPopulation-based30–54All new diabetes (130)BMI <2522.3% overall
24ItalyPopulation-based>40(2,076)Impaired/normal OGTT2.8%, 0.6 impaired OGTT, 1% normal OGTT
23FinlandPopulation-based28–83All duration NIR (1,122)FBG ≥6.1 or 2-h ≥10.0 on OGTT9.3% overall, 19.3% ≥45 years of age, 8.2% >45 years of age
32SwedenConsecutive clinic referrals40–75All new diabetes (203)8% overall, 3.2% in NIR
35U.K.Representative population25–65New NIR (3,672)Caucasian10% overall, 34% 25–34 years of age, 7% 55–65 years of age
33HollandPopulation sample50–74General population, all known diabetes, screened diabetes (2,350)GAD antibody positivity if >99th percentile of entire population3.5% (0.7–10.0% CI) in known diabetes, 0% (0-3.3% CI) in screened diabetes
15FinlandGeneral practitioner referrals from defined population45–64New NIR (133)Confirmed by OGTT9%
  • NIR, non–insulin-requiring diabetes; OGTT, oral glucose tolerance test.