Table 1—

Maternal deaths in 972 pregnant type 1 diabetic women followed at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University Central Hospital of Finland, between 1975 and 1997

PatientAge (years)ParityType 1 diabetes onset (years)Type 1 diabetes duration (years)Last HbA1c (% [±SD])Time of death (week + day of pregnancy)Cause of death
132G3P14296.1 (+2)PostpartumSpinal anesthesia
238G5P31424NAPostpartumBrain stem infarction
324G1P02138.0 (+6)14 + 5Hypoglycemia
429G2P09218.6 (+7)10 + 1Dead-in-bed syndrome
533G7P39256.7 (+3)After spontaneous abortionKetoacidosis and intoxication
  • For parity, G = number of pregnancies, P = number of parturitions. Patients 1–3 had uncomplicated type 1 diabetes (except a few had fundus microaneurysms), and patients 5 and 6 had diabetic nephropathy. NA, not available.