Table 3—

Determinants of diabetes and IGT in two multiple logistic regression models*

Dependent variableDiabetes vs. NGT
OR95% CIOR95% CI
Age (per year)1.051.01––1.11
BMI (per unit)1.141.07––1.15
Family history of diabetes (Yes = 1, No = 0)2.991.06–8.413.171.55–6.47
Physical activity
 Moderate activity1.160.40–3.321.870.76–4.60
 High activity1.001.00
Consumption of fresh fruit
 ≥4 times per week0.210.07–0.600.590.27–1.32
 1–3 times per week0.160.06–0.430.590.29–1.17
 2–3 times per month0.540.19–1.480.630.24–1.65
 Once monthly or less1.001.00
Consumption of alcohol
 ≥3 times per week34.486.65–178.91.880.47–7.52
 1–2 times per week5.511.26––2.50
 1–3 times per month4.251.06–16.930.970.48–1.93
 Less than monthly or never1.001.00
  • *

    * The following variables were excluded by backwards selection: sex, place of residence, WHR, education, intake of seal meat, and smoking status. NGT, normal glucose tolerance.