Table 2—

Multivariate logistic regression analysis of baseline CRP in the prediction of features of the development of the metabolic syndrome with adjustment for age, cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, and physical activity

Dependent variable*CRP tertile 2
CRP tertile 3
  Low HDL cholesterol1.20.4–3.60.711.070.3–3.50.92
  Metabolic syndrome0.80.4–1.70.540.90.5–2.00.88
  Low HDL cholesterol2.31.01–5.20.0472.20.92–5.30.077
  Metabolic syndrome2.81.4–5.50.0034.12.1–8.0<0.001
  • *

    * In each model, subjects were free of the corresponding disorder under analysis, but they might have had none or one of the other disorders at baseline (e.g., for the prediction of the development of hypertriglyceridemia, subjects were free of baseline hypertriglyceridemia, but they might have had none or just one of the other disorders).

  • P < 0.05,

  • P < 0.01 for heterogeneity by sex.