Table 3—

The impact of the DEMS on performance measures

Performance measuresImpact of DEMS use
No DEMS (%)DEMS (%)OR (95% CI)
Microalbuminuria27553.2 (1.9–5.2)
Exercise advice52802.7 (1.6–4.5)
Self-management support38612.6 (1.7–3.8)
Retina examination36692.4 (1.5–3.9)
Foot examination66882.3 (1.2–4.4)
Diet advice60701.9 (1.2–3.0)
Immunizations64801.7 (1.1–2.7)
HbA1c94994.5 (1.0–19.5)
HDL cholesterol75831.6 (1.0–2.7)
Triglycerides75825.0 (0.9–2.4)
Tobacco advice87942.0 (0.9–4.3)
Total cholesterol79841.4 (0.8–2.3)
  • The table lists performance measures in decreasing order of favorable impact of DEMS (using the lower limit of the CI) when comparing prevalence of performance measures after 2 years of planned care in providers using and not using DEMS.