Table 3—

ADI of nonnutritive sweeteners

ADI (mg/kg body wt)Average amount in 12-oz can of soda* (mg)Cans of soda to reach ADI for 60-kg (132-lb) person (n)Amount in packet of sweetener (mg)Packets to reach ADI for 60-kg (132-lb) person (n)
Acesulfame K1540255018
  • *

    * Fountain drinks may have different amounts and may contain a sweetener blend.

  • based on most typical blend with 90 mg aspartame. ADIs are independent. With this sweetener blend, it takes 35 cans to reach the ADI of aspartame.

  • set by Joint Expert Committee of Food Additives of World Health Organization (175). Adapted from Powers M: Sugar alternatives and fat replacers. In American Diabetes Association Guide to Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes. Franz MJ, Bantle JP, Eds. Alexandria, VA, American Diabetes Association, 1999.