Table 3—

Univariate analysis of fall-related fracture risk in 400 patients with a prior foot ulcer

Variablen% AffectedCrude odds ratio95% CI
Foot sensation
 Insensate feet73.00.710.24–2.05
 Sensate feet74.2
Comorbid conditions
 ≥1 comorbid conditions82.60.410.13–1.22
 No comorbid conditions66.2
Diabetes duration ≥25 years48.96.341.08–37.1*
 Wearing own footwear (control subjects)–21.6
 Wearing special study footwear31.25
Fractures rate
 Men12.4 fractures/1,000 person-years5.0–25.6
 Women40.2 fractures/1,000 person-years16.2–82.8
  • *

    * P < 0.05;

  • P < 0.01.