Table 2—

ORs for development of type 2 diabetes by category of vitamin E intake (mg α-TE) and quintile of plasma α-tocopherol (μmol/l) among nonusers of vitamin E supplements: IRAS

Model 1*
Model 2
OR95% CIOR95% CI
Vitamin E intake (mg α-TE)
 1–4.9 (n = 47)1.00Referent1.00Referent
 5–9.9 (n = 217)1.080.42–3.801.000.43–2.31
 10–19.9 (n = 190)0.710.22–2.250.610.21–1.84
 ≥20 (n = 29)1.010.16–6.330.800.13–5.06
Overall F statistic P value, NSOverall F statistic P value, NS
α-Tocopherol quintile value (μmol/l)
 20.54 to <24.480.420.18–0.960.520.22–1.27
 24.48 to <28.160.750.32–1.750.990.40–2.45
 28.16 to <33.680.130.04–0.450.160.04–0.60
Overall F statistic P value <0.01Overall F statistic P value <0.01
  • *

    * Adjusted for glucose tolerance status at baseline, age, ethnicity, clinic, sex, general health, family history of diabetes, and calories;

  • adjusted for all covariates included in model 1, plus BMI, waist circumference, smoking status, participation in vigorous physical activity, total fat intake, fiber intake, alcohol intake, and intake of magnesium and vitamin C from food and supplements.