Table 5—

Multivariate-adjusted odds ratios and 95% CIs of risk factors for nephropathy

Multivariate-adjusted odds ratio95% CI
Age (years)1.030.97–1.10
Sex (female/male)0.850.29–2.45
BMI (kg/m2)1.291.08–1.55
HbA1c (%)0.840.49–1.45
Clinic blood pressure
 SBP (mmHg)1.000.97–1.04
 DBP (mmHg)0.930.89–0.98
Morning blood pressure
 SBP (mmHg)1.071.04–1.10
 DBP (mmHg)1.020.97–1.07
Triglycerides (mg/dl)1.000.99–1.01
Total cholesterol (mg/dl)0.980.96–1.01
LDL cholesterol (mg/dl)1.03*1.00–1.06
HDL cholesterol (mg/dl)1.020.99–1.06
Serum creatinine (mg/dl)43.2*1.53–1,225
Antihypertensive drugs5.90*1.27–9.49
Antidiabetic drugs4.890.86–27.7
  • Odds ratio for continuous variables represent a difference of 1 SD.

  • *

    * P < 0.05;

  • P < 0.01;

  • P < 0.001.