Table 3—

ORs and CIs for adjustment variables across three quality of care measures

Adjustment variablesReceived HbA1c tests
Received eye exam
Received lipid profile
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
Age (years)1.0101.009–1.0101.0381.037–1.0381.0121.012–1.013
Female (versus male)1.0521.045–1.0591.3421.333–1.3510.9910.985–0.997
 Black (versus other)1.0030.989–1.0170.9200.907–0.9330.7390.729–0.748
 White (versus other)1.4001.383–1.4181.1991.184–1.2141.1121.099–1.126
Modified Charlson index0.8960.895–0.8980.9480.947–0.9500.9410.940–0.943
Chronic diabetes complications1.4111.402–1.4201.9981.985–2.0121.0101.004–1.017
Dual eligibility0.8010.795–0.8070.8360.829–0.8420.7240.719–0.730
Outpatient visits (no.)1.0201.020–1.0211.0261.025–1.0261.0271.026–1.027
ZQ score1.0141.014–1.0151.0151.015–1.0161.0171.016–1.017
Pseudo R2 for adjustment model*0.3000.2250.272
  • *

    * Pseudo R2 values are the explained (i.e., reduced) variance in state rates due to the adjustment variables shown. The greater the pseudo R2, the more the model accounts for the variability among state rates due to the impact of and the control for differential distributions of the adjustment variables across states.