Table 3—

Significant variables associated with incidence of diabetes by sex and baseline glucose tolerance status (logistic regression)

Variable*CoefficientP valueOdds ratio95% CIVariablecCoefficientP valueOdds ratio95% CI
NGT onlyNGT only
 BMI (5 kg/m2)0.0710.0201.431.05–1.92 Ln(insulin) (0.7 μU/ml)0.8570.0001.821.40–2.40
 Ln(TG) (0.6 mg/dl)0.6900.0081.511.12–2.06
IGT onlyIGT only
 BMI (5 kg/m2)0.1290.0011.901.33–2.82 FPG (12 mg/dl)0.0370.0001.561.25–1.96
 Percentage Indian blood (27%)0.0200.0211.741.12–2.87 2-h glucose (34 mg/dl)0.0260.0002.421.52–3.89
 2-h glucose (34 mg/dl)0.0400.0003.901.88–8.49 Albuminuria (yes/no)0.9900.0032.691.41–5.21
All participants with NGT or IGT at the baseline examination
 IGT (yes/no)0.5670.0161.761.12–2.80
 Age (5 years)−0.0200.0240.900.83–0.99
 Percentage Indian blood (26%)0.0070.0251.201.03–1.40
 FPG (12 mg/dl)0.0230.0001.321.14–1.52
 2h glucose (35 mg/dl)0.0120.0011.521.18–1.97
 Ln(insulin) (0.7 μU/ml)0.4980.0001.421.22–1.65
 Albuminuria (yes/no)0.7840.0002.191.48–3.21
  • *

    * Number in parenthesis is approximately 1 SD for the distribution of the continuous variables (stratified by sex);

  • odds ratio and its 95% CI are derived from a change of 1 SD (the number inside the parentheses).