Table 1—

Yearly event rate in obese diabetes*

Treatment groupHbA1c RR (%)Total deathNonvascular deathMacrovascular complications
Microvascular complications
Nonfatal strokeFatal strokeTotal strokeAnginaNonfatal MIFatal MISDTotal CHDTotal macrovascular
No orlistat0.01350.00680.00160.00160.00320.00590.00680.00430.00080.01780.02100.0067
Clark 1998100.00610.00250.00120.00050.0017−0.00090.00260.00270.00040.00490.00650.0024
Orlistat effect60.00360.00150.00070.00030.0010−0.00050.00160.00160.00030.00290.00390.0015
  • SD, sudden death; CHD, coronary heart disease; RR, relative reduction. Base risk and end effect with orlistat appears in bold.

  • *

    * Example: all cause mortality (total death): baseline probability = 0.0135 per year. Based on a reduction of 10% HbA1c, the risk reduction would be 0.4·0.0135·1.125 (= correction factor) = 0.0061. With orlistat, the effect will be 6/10 of the previous figure = 0.6· 0.0061 = 0.0036. The net risk with orlistat = 0.0099.