Table 2—

Comparison of BPFAS items considered problems for type 1 diabetic and control subjects

BPFAS questions (item no.)Diabetes (% “yes”)*Control (% “yes”)χ2
    1. Eats fruits133
    2. Has problems chewing food53
    3. Enjoys eating2538.54
    4. Chokes or gags at mealtime53
    5. Will try new foods2623
    6. Eats meat and/or fish810
    7. Takes longer than 20 minutes to finish a meal33312.47§
    8. Drinks milk105
    9. Comes readily to mealtime2036.14
    10. Eats junky snack foods but will not eat at mealtime1813
    11. Vomits just before, at, or just after mealtime03
    12. Eats only ground, strained, or soft food03
    13. Gets up from table during meal3125
    14. Lets food sit in his/her mouth and does not swallow it103
    15. Whines or cries at feeding time2310
    16. Eats vegetables2518
    17. Tantrums at mealtimes135
    18. Eats starches1004.21
    19. Has a poor appetite1835.00
    20. Spits out food55
    21. Delays eating by talking2015
    22. Would rather drink than eat2054.11
    23. Refuses to eat meals but requests food immediately after meal1810
    24. Tries to negotiate what he/she will and will not eat2315
    25. Has required nasogastric (ng) feeds to maintain proper nutritional status03
    26. I get anxious and/or frustrated when feeding my child21105.27
    27. I coax my child to get him/her to take a bite2015
    28. I use threats to get my child to eat1813
    29. I feel confident my child gets enough to eat2556.28
    30. I feel confident in my ability to manage my child’s behavior at mealtime2054.11
    31. If child doesn’t like what is served, I make something else2857.44
    32. When child refused food, I’ve put food in mouth by force50
    33. I disagree with other adults about how to feed my child103
    34. I feel my child’s eating pattern hurts her/his general health238
    35. I get so angry at mealtimes that it takes while to calm80
  • *

    * % “yes” is percentage of parents reporting that the particular BPFAS item was a problem for them;

  • significant items only are listed;

  • P < 0.01;

  • §

    § P < 0.001;

  • P < 0.05.