Table 3—

Comparison of mean health care expenditures among depressed and nondepressed individuals with diabetes (U.S. 1996)

Expenditure categoriesDepressed
nMean expenditures ($)*nMean expenditures ($)*
Ambulatory expenditures859207086660.1235
Emergency department expenditures263501303830.8524
Hospital inpatient expenditures2310,0821477,6480.1802
Prescription medication expenditures851,392717666<0.0001
Other medical expenditures351882392110.7883
Total expenditures85247,492,00873255,406,559<0.0001
  • *

    * Expenditures are adjusted for inflation with the Consumer Price Index to reflect August 2001 dollars;

  • P value for mean log 10-transformed expenditures adjusted for age, sex, race/ethnicity, health insurance, and comorbidity.