Table 2—

HbA1c over 6-year follow-up and proportion of patients (%) per annum experiencing major hypoglycemic episodes (requiring third party or medical assistance)

Major hypoglycemic episodes
Median (IQR) (%)P versus conventional glucose control policyP versus insulin alone% (95% CI) patients per annumP value versus insulin alone
Conventional glucose control policy7.6 (6.8–8.7)0
Intensive glucose policy control
    Insulin alone7.1 (6.2–8.0)<0.000013.4 (2.2–4.5)
    Sulfonylurea (± insulin)6.6 (6.0–7.6)<0.000010.00661.6 (0.9–2.2)0.0033
        Chlorpropamide (± insulin)6.6 (5.9–7.6)<0.000010.0101.8 (0.8–2.7)0.044
        Glipizide (± insulin)6.7 (6.1–7.6)<0.000010.0481.4 (0.6–2.2)0.0076