Table 2—

Description of apparent false positives using 2-claim rule: cases labeled as diabetes based on administrative data but not confirmed in chart reviews (n=85)

n (%)
Individuals using hypoglycemic drugs (of those ≥65 years, n=18)3 (16.7)
Individuals with more than three office visits coded with diagnosis of diabetes55 (64.7)
Individuals with at least one hospitalization with a diagnosis of diabetes11 (12.9)
Individuals having seen more than three different physicians in last 5 years*63 (74.1)
Individuals with one or more of the above four criteria78 (91.8)
  • *

    * Where a patient routinely sees multiple physicians, it is less likely that a given physician (i.e., the one whose charts were abstracted) would have the patient]s full medical history including the diagnosis of diabetes.