Table 1—

Characteristics of participating centers

CenterRegionNo. of health plansNo. of provider groupsTypes of managed care plansNo. of patients with diabetesTarget sampleRace and ethnicity distribution (estimated*)
Pacific Health Research InstituteHawaii213HMO, PPO40,0001,50059% Asian/Pacific Islander; 14% non-Hispanic white; 7% Hispanic; 1% non-Hispanic black; 19% other
Indiana University Translational Research CenterCentral Indiana22HMO3,8001,50051% Non-Hispanic black, 42% non-Hispanic white; 1% Hispanic; 1%Asian; 5% other
Kaiser Foundation Research InstituteNorthern California11HMO117,0001,50054% Non-Hispanic white; 14% Hispanic; 12% non-Hispanic black, 11% Asian; 9% other
University of California, Los Angeles School of MedicineTwo large metropolitan areas in Texas127HMO8,8002,00051% Hispanic; 38% non-Hispanic white; 5% non-Hispanic black; 1% Asian; 6% other
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New JerseyNew Jersey, Pennsylvania33HMO, POS, PPO9,7001,50046% Non-Hispanic white; 39% non-Hispanic black; 4% Hispanic, 4% Asian, 7% other
University of Michigan Health SystemSoutheastern Michigan117HMO, POS5,9001,50078% Non-Hispanic white; 12% non-Hispanic black; 2% Hispanic; 1% Asian; 7% other
  • POS; point-of-service plan; PPO; preferred-provider organization.

  • *

    * Race/ethnicity estimates are based on an interim analyses of 8364 (88% of the projected sample) completed surveys.