Table 1—

Baseline characteristics of the study population by quintiles of fat intake*

Saturated fat
Linoleic acid
Long-chain n-3 fat
Quintile of intake:Q1Q5Q1Q5Q1Q5Q1Q5
Age (years)54.553.054.353.454.453.352.554.8
BMI (kg/m2)24.626.024.925.625.325.525.525.4
Physical activity (MET/week)27.715.927.216.422.219.516.825.1
Current smokers (%)5.714.36.411.511.38.611.67.4
Family history of diabetes (%)19.320.219.819.518.719.918.621.3
Hypertension (%)20.717.919.918.020.018.817.520.8
Hypercholesterolemia (%)16.16.513.38.69.811.27.214.4
Total energy intake (kcal/day)1,8912,0791,8632,1261,9592,0021,9761,929
Alcohol intake (g/day)14.48.313.
Cereal fiber intake (g/day)
Magnesium intake (mg/day)406315415309363356328386
  • *

    * Standardized to the age distribution of the total study population (except for age); quintiles were based on energy percentage of fat intakes, except for quintiles of long chain n-3 fat, which were based on intake in mg/day adjusted for energy intake with the residual method; Q1=lowest quintile, Q5=highest quintile.

  • MET hours per week (one metabolic equivalent is the energy expended at rest).