Table 3—

Fasting plasma lipid levels before and after treatment with metformin or troglitazone

Metformin (n=12)
Troglitazone (n=10)
Metformin vs. Troglitazone (P)
Total cholesterol (mg/dl)155±10145±90.31170±10167±80.940.52
Triglycerides* (mg/dl)199±30179±290.13197±19155±230.070.33
LDL cholesterol (mg/dl)70±671±60.5790±589±40.820.87
HDL cholesterol (mg/dl)31±229±20.1433±336±3<0.050.01
  • Data are means ±SEM. Statistical comparisons are based on percentage of change.

  • *

    * One outlier was excluded from metformin group because of marked hypertriglyceridemia (>800 mg/dl).