Table 1—

Sizes at birth of randomly newborn healthy Brazilians classified in accordance with the genotype of polymorphism of the IRS-1 gene

IRS-1 genotype
Gly/GlyGly/Arg or Arg/Arg
Sex (M/F)82/8610/16
Birth weight (g)3,373 ±31.83,141 ±80.30.008
Birth weight centile59 ±248 ±50.034
Birth length (cm)49.7 ±0.148.9 ±0.40.04
Head circumference (cm)34.4 ±0.133.5 ±0.30.005
  • Data are means ±SEM. The Mann-Whitney U test was used to determine the significance of any difference between the genotypes at P=0.05.