Table 2—

Quality of included studies

Study numberPTD definitionPTD surveillance (% escaped)Study quality indicators
Risk factor
Exposure ascertainmentReportingDefinitionAscertainmentBlindingReportingAdjustment
1. Rinaldi et al. (14)NANANANANA
2. Cavaille-Coll and Elashoff (6)+NANANANANA
3. Wahlstrom et al. (26)+NANANANANA
4. Trail et al. (22)++++++
5. Boudreaux et al. (8, 9)++ (20)+
6. Isoniemi et al. (18,19)+NANANANANA
8. Johnson et al. (7)++NANANANANA
9. Miller et al. (12,13)+NANANANANA
10. Arner et al. (27) and Gunnavvsson et al. (28)+++
11. Friedman et al. (25)+++
12. von Kiparski et al. (21)++++
13. Ochiai et al. (20)++NANANANANANANA
14. Wu et al. (15)++NANANANANA
15. Sakhuja et al. (24)++ (22)+NANANANANA
16. Vesco et al. (10,11)+++
17. Lanerolle et al. (16)++ (28)+
18. Miles et al. (17)+NANANA+
19. Fang et al. (23)++ (42)NANANANANANANA
  • PTD definition, a specified glycemic threshold, use of glucose-lowering agents, or both were used to define diabetes; PTD surveillance, a protocol to detect diabetes was described (% escaped, proportion presenting with symptomatic or complicated PTD); risk factor exposure ascertainment, methods to determine risk factors were described and similarly applied to case subjects and control subjects; risk factor reporting, all factors evaluated (not just those that were significant) were reported; outcomes definition, diagnostic criteria for all outcomes assessed were described; outcomes ascertainment, methods to determine the outcomes were described and similarly applied to patients with and without PTD; outcomes blinding, outcomes were assessed by investigators blind to diabetes status; outcomes reporting, prognostic factors entering the model and the procedures for model selection were described; outcomes adjustment, prognostic estimates were adjusted for differences between those with and without PTD; +, study met our review’s methodological quality criterion; −, study did not meet our review’s methodological quality criterion; NA, not applicable; KTSG, FK506 Kidney Transplant Study Group.