Table 3—

Patient and graft survival according to PTD status in kidney transplant recipients

InvestigatorsYear follow-up began (mean)Immunosuppressive regimenTime at survival estimates (years*)Estimated survival
PTD present (%)PTD absent (%)PTD present (%)PTD absent (%)
Arner et al. (27,28)1975AZA and prednisone1NANA3881
von Kiparski et al. (21)1978AZA and prednisone or triple1051935485
Friedman et al. (25)1980AZA and prednisone267835555
Boudreaux et al. (8,9)1984AZA and prednisone or triple17194NANA
Miles et al. (17)1983Triple1273794667#
Vesco et al. (10,11)1988AZA and prednisone or triple686936793
Lanerolle et al. (16)1993Triple58595NANA
  • *

    * Number of patients at risk not reported in all studies.

  • For cadaveric grafts.

  • P < 0.001.

  • §

    § For living donors.

  • P < 0.05.

  • RR 12.1; 95% CI 2.2–58.8.

  • #

    # Predictors of graft loss (adjusted for age, sex, and ethnicity) were PTD (RR 3.72; P = 0.04) and serum creatinine at 1 year (RR 2.01; P < 0.01). AZA, azathioprine; triple, AZA prednisone and cyclosporine.