Table 2—

Multivariate model of incident PVD at 6 years, based on 61 of 2,398 patients

ComparisonOdds ratio95% CI
AgeEach year older at diagnosis of diabetes1.101.05–1.15
HbA1cEach 1% increase1.281.12–1.46
SBPEach 10-mmHg increase1.251.10–1.43
HDLEach 0.1-mmol/l decrease1.221.07–1.39
Former smokingNever smoked0.800.37–1.72
Current smokingNever smoked2.901.46–5.73
Cardiovascular diseaseNone3.001.30–6.70
RetinopathyPresence of retinopathy1.640.97–2.78
Peripheral sensory neuropathyDoubling of voltage threshold1.310.89–1.93