Table 4—

Logistic regression identifying independent predictors of diabetes (KDM and NDM)* in a combined data set of AusDiab (1999–2000) and Busselton (1981)legend

Variable as diabetes predictorβ95% CI for βOdds ratio (95% CI)P value
Sex (male versus female)0.2730.14–0.411.31 (1.15–1.50)<0.001
Age (per year)0.0630.058–0.0691.07 (1.06–1.07)<0.001
Survey (AusDiab versus Busselton)0.8510.64–1.062.34 (1.90–2.90)<0.001
BMI (per unit increase)0.1170.10–0.131.12 (1.10–1.14)<0.001
Constant−8.90−9.45 to −8.35
  • legend

    legend β is the regression coefficient for the exponential. Sex, age, survey site, and BMI were the only variables entered into the regression. NDM was identified by 2hPG only in both surveys.