Table 2—

Independent predictors of cardiovascular disease (aggregate end point) in type 2 diabetic patients from the Verona Diabetes Complications Study

OR (95% CI)P value
Prevalent CVD at the baseline (n = 1,326)
 Sex (men versus women)1.59 (1.20–2.11)<0.001
 Age (per year)1.06 (1.04–1.07)<0.001
 Smoking (yes versus no)1.41 (1.06–1.87)0.017
 Total/HDL cholesterol (per unit)1.13 (1.05–1.22)0.002
 Hypertension (yes versus no)1.34 (1.04–1.75)0.024
 (log)HOMA-IR (per unit)1.31 (1.10–1.56)0.002
Incident CVD during the follow-up (n = 627)
 Age (per year)1.04 (1.02–1.06)<0.001
 Smoking (yes versus no)1.53 (1.00–2.35)<0.001
 Total/HDL cholesterol (per unit)1.22 (1.06–1.39)<0.001
 (log)HOMA-IR (per unit)1.56 (1.14–2.12)<0.001
  • Sex, duration, BMI, hypertension, and HbA1c did not enter the equation.