Table 1—

Age-adjusted characteristics of diabetic women in 1986 according to BMI in 1986*

BMI (kg/m2)
N in 1986633444473689847593
Mean age (years)545456555554
Mean weight gain from 18 years of age to 1986 (kg)3711141927
Current smoking (%)322623201713
Current use of postmenopausal hormone (%)1414111085
History of hypertension (%)324251596777
History of high blood cholesterol (%)222527282928
Mean duration of diabetes (years)131110987
Use of insulin (%)483838333535
Use of Oral hypoglycemic medication (%)193138425252
Parental history of myocardial infarction before 60 years of age (%)202524252424
  • *

    * Except for the data on mean age, all data shown are standardized to the age distributions of the cohort in 1986 (we used 1986 to represent overall follow-up period);

  • information collected in 1988 and from diabetes supplementary questionnaire was used.