Table 2—

Summary of demographic, setting, intervention, and design characteristics of included studies

 Age (years)55 (35–67)
 Using insulin (%)16 (0–100)
 Baseline GHb9.4 (6.1–12.9)
 Race/ethnicity (% NR)77
Setting (%)
 United States45
 Senior center3
 Focus (%)
  Skills (SMBG and foot care)3
  Coping skills0
 Provider (%)
  Physician with team25
  Team (nurse, dietitian, etc.)20
  Lay health care worker3
  Self (e.g. computer-assisted instruction)7
 Duration (median) (months)6 (1.0–27)
 Number of contacts (median)6 (1–36)
 Total contact time (hours)9.2 (1–28)
 Individual (%)32
 Collaborative (%)87
 Theory-based (%)39
 Computer-assisted instruction (%)6
 Interface with primary care (%)13 (65% NR)
Design and quality
 Recruitment (%)
  Entire eligible population19
 Comparison group: % Patients receiving usual care58
 Completion rate ≥80%65
  • Data are means (range) or %, unless otherwise indicated. NR, not reported; SMBG, self-monitoring of blood glucose.