Table 4—

Meta-analysis results

Study group and follow-up intervalNumber of studiesQ significance levelPoint estimate (net change in GHb [%])95% CI
All studies
 During or immediately after the intervention20<0.05−0.76−1.18 to −0.34
 1–3 months9>0.10−0.26−0.73 to 0.21
 ≥4 months8>0.10−0.26−0.48 to −0.05
All studies where the comparison group receives usual care
 During or immediately after the intervention12<0.05−0.91−1.40 to −0.42
 1–3 months4>0.10−0.11−0.57 to 0.36
≥4 months5>0.10−0.28−0.52 to −0.05