Table 3—

Multivariate logistic regression analysis of risk factors associated with incident CVD among participants in the San Antonio Heart Study (Phase II) who were free of diabetes and CVD at baseline

Independent variableUnit*Model A
Model B
Model C
Age10 years1.781.53–2.07<0.00011.651.40–1.95<0.00011.671.41–1.98<0.0001
EthnicityNHW = 0, MA = 10.890.64–1.240.470.830.60––1.170.28
SexFemale = 0, Male = 11.000.73–1.380.990.940.66–1.330.730.880.60–1.290.51
SmokingNever/former = 0, current = 11.721.20–2.480.0031.721.19–2.490.004
Alcohol93.7 g/month0.880.73––1.090.30
LDL35.2 mg/dl1.130.96–1.320.141.110.94–1.300.22
Systolic BP8.2 mmHg1.091.00––1.180.11
Waist(< vs. ≥ median)1.150.79–1.670.47
HDL13.3 mg/dl0.930.77–1.140.49
Triglyceride97.2 mg/dl1.100.94–1.280.24
Physical activity2.5 times/week1.100.95–1.280.23
HOMA-IRPer quintile1.261.12–1.42<0.00011.241.10–1.400.00051.181.03–1.350.019
  • *

    * Units for continuous variables = 1 SD; for waist circumference, < versus ≥ the gender-specific median;

  • †similar conclusions were obtained using the forward elimination procedure. BP, blood pressure; MA, Mexican-American; NHW, non-Hispanic white.