Table 1

Weight variables and cardiometabolic risk factors of the study cohort

MeanSDMinimum25th percentileMedian75th percentileMaximum
 Fasting glucose (mg/dL)106.278.1576.00100.00105.00112.00139.00
 Triglyceride (mg/dL)163.4297.3831.0098.00139.00198.00796.00
 SBP (mmHg)123.4214.6384.00112.00122.00132.00175.00
At year 2
 Fasting glucose (mg/dL)104.9214.7874.0097.00103.00110.00331.00
 Triglyceride (mg/dL)140.9584.0031.0086.00118.00169.00672.00
 SBP (mmHg)120.1214.7284.00110.00119.00129.00209.00
Baseline weight (kg)93.7020.2948.6079.0090.90104.58192.20
Weight loss from baseline to (kg)
 1 month1.382.66−17.17−
 3 months4.403.87−9.621.794.136.5125.27
 6 months6.845.62−
 2 years5.397.56−
Weight loss from (kg)
 18 months to 2 years−1.385.73−27.60−4.35−1.201.1349.20
 6 months to 2 years−0.613.18−17.95−2.25−0.600.9033.60
5-lb weight cycles (n)1.450.9901126
Average weight (kg)83.0319.8744.9374.0284.5798.66188.68
  • All body composition variables are raw weight loss values in the units of kilograms. The study sample consisted of 1,000 intensive lifestyle participants with at least 2 years of follow-up and excluded participants who developed diabetes during those 2 years (n = 952).