Table 4—

Pharmacologic agents for treatment of dyslipidemia in adults

Effect on lipoprotein
Clinical trials in diabetic subjects
First-line agents
 LDL lowering
  HMG CoA reductase inhibitor↓↓↔↑↔↓4S (simvastatin)
CARE (pravastatin)
 Triglyceride lowering
  Fibric acid derivative↓↔↑↓↓Helsinki (gemfibrozil)
Second-line agents
 LDL lowering
  Bile acid binding resinsNone
 LDL and triglyceride lowering
  Nicotinic acid↑↑↓↓None
  • In diabetic patients, nicotinic acid should be restricted to ≤2 g/day: short-acting nicotinic acid is preferred.