Table 3—

Independent predictors for pregnancy outcomes

VariablesOR95% CIP
EPH syndrome*
 IGT status (IGT vs. control)2.100.89–4.940.0889
 IGT status (IGT vs. control)10.072.90–34.930.0003
Breech presentation
 Stature (cm)1.121.03–1.230.0128
 IGT status (IGT vs. control)3.471.11–10.840.0323
Preterm birth
 Prepregnancy BMI (kg/m2)1.281.06–1.550.0124
 IGT status (IGT vs. control)6.421.46–28.340.0140
Birth weight ≥90th percentile
 IGT status (IGT vs. control)2.421.07–5.460.0329
 Weight gain in pregnancy (kg)1.161.09–1.24<0.0001
 Gestational weeks at delivery1.241.00–1.540.0498
  • *

    * Controlling for age (years), household monthly income per person (RMB: Yuan), educational attainment (1. junior high school or less; 2. senior high school; 3. college; 4. university), stature (cm), pregravid BMI (kg/m2), weight gain in pregnancy (kg), parity, and hospital levels (secondary vs. tertiary);

  • controlling for EPH syndrome and above factors except for parity;

  • controlling for above all factors, plus gestational weeks at delivery, infant’s sex (1. male; 2. female), and parity.