Table 3—

AUC for various models for incident CHD with regard to marker of subclinical disease by sex and diabetes status: the ARIC Study, 1987–1998

DiabetesNo diabetesDiabetesNo diabetes
No. of CHD events99211129515
Basic + Cornell score (continuous)0.7070.7770.6800.681
Basic + IMT (continuous)0.7230.7810.6990.701
Basic + ABI (continuous)0.7140.7770.6880.688
Basic + LVH (yes/no)0.7090.7770.6810.679
Basic + PAD (yes/no)0.7160.7780.6810.682
Basic + IMT ≥1 mm (yes/no)0.7240.7780.6980.692
Basic + multiple markers0.7230.7810.7020.702
  • Participants missing data on any of the risk factors or markers shown were excluded to ensure comparability of AUCs.

  • * Basic model includes age, race, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, use of antihypertensive medication, and smoking status.

  • Multiple markers include IMT, LVH, and PAD.