Table 2

Linear associations between adipocyte size (adjusted for FM) and changes in gene expression after overfeeding (n = 29 unless otherwise indicated)

Correlation coefficientP value
Adipose tissue
 Inflammatory markers
  Interleukin-6 (n = 20)0.090.73
  p65/RelA subunit of NF-κB (n = 21)−0.030.89
  CCL2 (n = 17)−0.170.54
  CD68 (n = 24)0.170.36
 Extracellular matrix remodeling
  Collagen I (n = 23)0.070.74
  Collagen III (n = 24)0.090.66
  Collagen VI (n = 23)−0.090.67
  SPARC (n = 24)0.040.86
  SREBP-1 (n = 19)−0.130.60
  PPARγ (n = 21)−0.180.43
Skeletal muscle
 Inflammatory markers
  p65/RelA subunit of NF-κB−0.480.01
 Extracellular matrix remodeling
  Collagen I−0.430.02
  Collagen III−0.420.03
  Collagen VI−0.440.02
  • CCL2, macrophage chemoattractant protein-1; mTOR, mammalian target of rapamycin; NF, nuclear factor; SPARC, secreted protein acidic and rich in cysteine.