Table 3—

RRs of incidence of type 2 diabetes according to cardiorespiratory fitness levels

Cardiorespiratory fitness levels, quartiles
P for trend
Q1 (lowest)Q2Q3Q4 (highest)
Person-years of follow-up15,73016,03816,25216,415
Number of cases128724733
Age-adjusted RR (95% CI)1.00 (Referent)0.56 (0.42–0.75)0.35 (0.25–0.50)0.25 (0.17–0.37)<0.001
Multivariate RR* (95% CI)1.00 (Referent)0.78 (0.58–1.05)0.63 (0.45–0.89)0.56 (0.37–0.84)0.001
  • * Adjusted for age, BMI, systolic blood pressure, family history of diabetes, smoking status, and alcohol intake.