Table 1—

Forced weekly insulin titration schedule

Start with 10 IU/day bedtime basal insulin and adjust weekly
Mean of self-monitored FPG values from preceding 2 daysIncrease of insulin dosage (IU/day)
≥180 mg/dl (10 mmol/l)8
140–180 mg/dl (7.8–10.0 mmol/l)6
120–140 mg/dl (6.7–7.8 mmol/l)4
100–120 mg/dl (5.6–6.7 mmol/l)2
  • The treat-to-target FPG was ≤100 mg/dl. Exceptions to this algorithm were 1) no increase in dosage if plasma-referenced glucose <72 mg/dl was documented at any time in the preceding week, and 2) in addition to no increase, small insulin dose decreases (2–4 IU/day per adjustment) were allowed if severe hypoglycemia (requiring assistance) or plasma-referenced glucose <56 mg/dl were documented in the preceding week.