Table 3—

Multiple logistic regression analysis of incident diabetes with age, sex, family history of diabetes, NCEP definition, IGT, and fasting insulin as independent covariates

OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
NCEP definition (yes vs. no)6.304.60–8.635.544.01–7.663.772.63–5.393.302.27–4.80
Age (× 10-year interval)1.391.20–1.621.251.06–1.481.281.08–1.51
Sex (men vs. women)0.870.62–1.200.990.69–1.420.930.64–1.33
Mexican American vs. non-Hispanic white1.981.33–2.941.661.08–2.551.651.07–2.57
Family history of diabetes (yes vs. no)1.681.21–2.341.741.21–2.491.771.23–2.54
IGT (yes vs. no)7.004.84–10.16.374.37–9.28
Fasting insulin (× 10-μU/ml interval)1.371.19–1.58