Table 3—

Results of factor analysis of anthropometric and metabolic variables in nondiabetic subjects, Sandy Lake Health and Diabetes Project, 1993–1995*

Adiposity-insulinLipids-insulinGlucose- insulin
Log fasting insulin0.42−0.340.51
Waist circumference0.66−0.390.27
Percent body fat0.73−0.160.25
Log triglyceride0.29−0.530.30
HDL cholesterol−0.080.57−0.13
Fasting glucose0.12−0.160.56
2-h glucose0.24−0.150.46
Log adiponectin−0.210.50−0.14
Percent total variance36.15.03.7
Percent cumulative total variance36.141.144.8
  • * Loadings >0.30 in bold type.