Table 1

Changes in HbA1c from baseline to study end from low- and high-glycemic index diets

Reference, number of subjects (n), and study lengthBaseline HbA1c: low- vs. high-GI dietStudy end HbA1c: low- vs. high-GI dietHbA1c changes from baseline with the implementation of the low-GI diet
Heilbronn et al. (4), n = 45, 4 wks on weight loss diet followed by 8 weeks on weight loss diets of low or high GI6.7%, after 4 wks of     weight loss diets: 6.65 vs. 6.35%6.04 vs. 6.06%After implementation of the GI diets, a 0.6% decrease in low GI, not significantly different than high-GI diet; no difference in weight loss from low- vs. high-GI diets
Gilbertson et al. (10), n = 104, 52 weeks8.3 vs. 8.6%8.0 vs. 8.6%0.3% decrease in low-GI group, although reported GIs were the same in both groups at study end
Giacco et al. (11), n = 63, 24 weeks8.8 vs. 8.8%8.6% (compliant group) vs. 9.1%0.2% decrease in low-GI compliant group
Brand et al. (12), n = 16, 12 weeks7.7 vs. 7.7%7.0 vs. 7.9%0.7% decrease in low-GI group
Collier, et al. (12), n = 7, 6 weeks10.0 vs. 9.9%10.0 vs. 9.86%No difference at study end
  • GI, glycemic index.