Table 8

PCMH demonstration projects in diabetes (189)

PCMH demonstration projectsOutcomes
Community Care of North Carolina—1998Estimated annual savings of $161 million for diabetes care
Geisinger—20062.5-fold improvement in meeting nine quality indicators
Pennsylvania Chronic Care Initiative—2008Self-management goals increased from 20 to 70%
Group Health Cooperative—200711% reduction in hospitalizations
By 21 months, return on investment of $1.50 for each $1 spent
Health Partners—200224% reduction in hospitalizations
Southeastern Pennsylvania Chronic Care Initiative—2007−20115% more A1C testing but more abnormal results
11% greater monitoring for diabetic nephropathy
Pioneer accountable care organizations25 of 32 had reduced risk-adjusted readmission rates compared with benchmark plans
68% of people with diabetes reached BP targets compared with 55% in benchmark plans
57% with diabetes reached LDL cholesterol targets compared with 48% in benchmark plans