Table 4

Estimation of cost after two-step or one-step screening for GDM per 100 women evaluated

2-Step CC criteriaIADPSGCExcess cost (IADPSGC − CC criteria)
N events per 100 women evaluatedCost (€)N events per 100 women evaluatedCost (€)
Test (50 g/75 g/100 g)100/0/48664.40/100/0460−204.4
Laboratory visit (h)2447,671.362006,288−1,383.36
GDM SMBG strips405.8
 NITGDM no. (strips/pts)8.4 (54)104.328.4 (52)339.7
 ITGDM no. (strips/pts)2.2 (144)72.97.1 (149)243.3
 Total strips770.4177.22,534.7583
Insulin Bo/Ba/Bo-Ba1.88/0.05/0.02942.31/2.95/1.85320226
Provider visits by GDM3,121.99
 NITGDM no. (visits/pts)8.4 (3.5)925.0728.4 (3.2)2,860,48
 ITGDM no. (visits/pts)2.2 (8.3)574.627.1 (7.9)1,761,2
 Total visit47.71,499.69147.14,621.68
 Cesarean section25.993,988.619.768,831.8
Admission NICU−6,894.7
 Isolated neonatal hypoglycemia0.17286.620.32539.52
 Weight 2,000–2,499 g with other complications*3.114,774.62.110,008.6
 Weight 2,000–2,499 g without complications3.23,763.22.83,292.8
 Weight >2,500 g with complications*1.74,061.30.92,150.1
 Total events8.1722,885.726.1615,991.02
Estimation of cost savings−14,358.06
  • Ba, basal; Bo, bolus; Bo-Ba, bolus basal; ITGDM, insulin treated GDM; NICU, neonatal intensive care unit; NITGDM, non–insulin-treated GDM; pts, patients.

  • *Including neonatal hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia, polycythemia, and/or the respiratory distress syndrome.