Table 2—

Predicted mean HbA1c level and percentage of patients who received diabetes services based on percentile of patients’ diabetes self-management assessment scores

Predicted mean HbA1c levelPercentage who received HbA1c testPercentage who received eye examinationPercentage who received nephropathy screen
Percentile of patients’ diabetes self-management score
 5th (score = 30)8.3 (7.4–9.2)77 (55–98)46 (34–88)37 (22–52)
 50th (score = 70)7.7 (6.9–8.6)85 (67–103)60 (36–84)55 (39–71)
 95th (score = 100)7.3 (6.4–8.2)89 (75–103)69 (47–91)67 (51–83)
  • Data in parentheses are 95% CIs. Mean HbA1c levels and mean percentages of patients who received each diabetes service were calculated for alternate values of patients’ assessments of their diabetes self-management while holding all other variables constant at the mean, using the linear or logistic regression model with all covariates. All models were adjusted for ethnicity, sex, income, education, age, diabetes comorbidities, insulin use, whether the patient had two or more outpatient visits at the VA facility in the past year, whether the patient received >80% of care at the VA facility in the past year, sampling weights, and clustering at the facility level.