Table 1

Characteristics at the time of enrollment into the Look AHEAD trial by intervention assignment

CharacteristicDSE (n = 2,563)ILI (n = 2,558)P value
 45–54 years2325
 55–64 years5556
 65–76 years2119
 25.0–29.9 kg/m21416
 30.0–34.9 kg/m23536
 35.0–39.9 kg/m22926
 >40 kg/m22222
History of cardiovascular disease*0.45
 African American1616
 American Indian55
 Non-Hispanic white6363
Diabetes duration (n = 40 missing)0.20
 <5 years4547
 ≥5 years5553
Education (n = 110 missing)0.54
 High school or less2120
 Post-high school3837
 College graduate4142
Prescription medications, mean number
 Lipid lowering0.530.530.86
Annual household income (n = 503 missing)0.84
 $40,000 to <$80,0003737
Health insurance status
 Insured (self or work)77770.66
 Indian Health Service230.32
 Other/not reported440.56
Usual source of health care (n = 13 missing)0.73
 Private physician’s office7474
 Hospital clinic/outpatient1212
 Community health center88
 Other health-care facility56
 No usual source of care11
  • Data are % unless otherwise indicated. VA, Veterans Affairs.

  • *History of cardiovascular disease included myocardial infarction, coronary artery bypass, angioplasty/stent procedure, peripheral vascular disease, stroke, stable angina, and class I/II heart failure.

  • †Participants were able to indicate more than one source of health insurance.

  • ‡χ2 test.