Table 10—

Annual per capita health care expenditures by diabetes status, 2002

Cost componentWith diabetesUnadjusted
Without diabetesRatio with to without diabetesWithout diabetesRatio with to without diabetes
Hospital inpatient$6,309$1,2894.9$2,9712.1
Nursing home2,1402478.79912.2
Physician’s office1,5254303.56952.2
Hospital outpatient4891543.22152.3
Home health516588.91902.7
Ambulance services2392.6112.1
Outpatient medication7972023.93412.3
Insulin & delivery supplies579NANANANA
Oral agents414NANANANA
Total health care costs$13,243$2,5605.2$5,6422.4
  • *

    * Adjusted to reflect demographic composition of the population with diabetes.